Creativity – Revisit/Tweak: Interruptions

Whether your creativity is for pleasure or profit, at some point it will be interrupted.  There will be phone calls, emails, family, and dust bunnies, all demanding your attention.  On top of these normal life happenings, you may even feel guilt.  Guilt for taking time for yourself, taking time because you need to work, and for not being super human.

What can be done?  Not much.  Life doesn’t end while you’re creating.  There comes the time you just have to do what needs doing.  Turn off the phone.  Shut down the computer or, at least, your email program and social media.  Leave the dust bunnies for breaks when you’re dying to kill some frustration.

Family?  Not so easy and more frustrating.  Shutting the door sounds easy, but is it?  What stops the knocks at the door?  Who can take your place within the family structure?  And, locking the doors just feels so isolating.  Are you locking interruptions out or yourself in?

The only time where you are guaranteed no interruptions is the dead hours of the night or when you’re dead.  Wait, those night hours are interrupted by the need to sleep.  So, if you’re waiting for a time of no interruptions…well, death just might be the only time…little too late then, though.

Life, creative life, requires determination, dedication, and doors that close.

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