A Belinda Lawrence Mystery Book 3 – Bloody Ham

by Brian Kavanagh


Cathy’s bangle-covered wrists stopped their clattering. She looked up sharply. “Do you think that’s wise?”

Belinda smiled. “Why not? It’ll be dawn soon. The sky’s already getting light in the east. I’ll just stroll along the towpath by the river –”

Agitated bangles jangled even more violently as Cathy’s hand shot out and grasped hold of Belinda’s shoulder. Belinda flinched and tried to brush the woman away. But the hairdresser’s fingers held firm.

“Not the towpath,” she said. “Never the towpath at night.”

“Why not?” said Belinda, eventually breaking free. She rubbed her shoulder. The woman’s grip had hurt her.

“Why the ghost, of course.”

Belinda gave a sigh. She was too tired to put up with Cathy’s warnings of doom. “Not another ghost?”

Cathy nodded violently, eyes wide with alarm. “He walks there at night.”


“They call him the Cavalier. Some say his appearance is the harbinger of death. They believe him to be someone from the house, one of the Duke’s servants. They say he got drunk and fell into the river and drowned. He walks the towpath searching for the way back to the house.”

“If he opened his eyes, it’s right in front of him,” said Belinda rather sharply. She was tired and wanted to go to bed and was not in the mood for a spook story. She turned to go.

“But now’s the time they walk. The spirits. Just before dawn.” Cathy was becoming agitated.

“I’ll be well home before they start their performance,” said Belinda, as she stepped out into the shadows.

Cathy, fingering a talisman she wore on a chain around her neck, stood at the caravan steps and watched as Belinda made her way diagonally across the knot garden towards the front of the house and the river.

(C) 2013 Brian Kavanagh

REVIEW: Originally seem on MuseItUp Reviews

We’ve heard the movie making business is cutthroat well Belinda’s about to find out just how cutthroat it can be.

Again, I’ve had the opportunity to read Belinda’s third mystery straight after book two and book one. So, it really wouldn’t be fair to tell you who Belinda’s cohorts are; however, there is a marriage proposal on the table. Will she or won’t she? You’ll just have to read and find out.

But never doubt that each book is it’s own stand-alone tale. I just happen to be a tad fanatical in my series order reading.

This time around, Belinda has been asked to stand-in for a Hollywood actress during the boring hours of movie making. The same actress who has stepped into the role left by the death of another…murder? The same actress whose not-so-secret affair with the movie’s producer has ended in murder? Too bad only Belinda’s fingerprints were on the murder weapon.

“Bloody Ham” is another triumph for Mr. Kavanagh. Which makes my job as a reviewer that much easier and harder…I thoroughly enjoy “Bloody Ham” but what more can I possibly tell you about Mr. Kavanagh’s writing.

Mr. Kavanagh has not let up on his crisp characters, sweeping mystery, vast subject knowledge, picture perfect settings and dead-on moods. With each Belinda story just fewer than 200 pages, Mr. Kavanagh utilizes each word for maximum benefit. There is no wastage within his pages.

Mr. Kavanagh has also managed to keep each recurring character fresh. He has introduced new aspects to these characters that allow us, his readers, to see them with new eyes and emotions while still keeping them true to their personalities.

I cannot suggest strongly enough that you join Belinda in “Bloody Ham.”