1 thought on “Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas”

  1. Hi Chris,
    Good to see you are overcoming your health problems. If you are still into reviewing would you be interested in reviewing another of my books that has just been published. Its titled Incident at Myall Creek. Its a historical romance novel involving a true story of early Australia. In those dark days, white men slaughtered Aborigines as though they were dogs, just for stealing a sheep after they had been driven from their land by white settlers. Except for the hero and heroine, most of the characters were real people and it was the first stage of justice for the black man. They were treated worse than the American Indians. It was a savage time in the 1840s on the Australian frontier with some men wanting to exterminate the Aboriginal race. It has been published by I heart book publishers and is up as an ebook and print on demand. It you don’t have the time then thanks for the reviews you gave me with many of my other books. This is book number 31 with another coming out this month.

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