Editor: Editing the erotic

There’s not a whole lot different editing this genre than any other. The same rules apply, but you need to watch for too many hands matching too few bodies. And bodies don’t swing from chandeliers that easy, nor do they hit their ‘mark’ that gracefully.

As well as the different language used and body positions…bodies only bend so far, and hands/arms are needed for balance sometimes, too. The story is supposed to be hot and steamy but you can only suspend reality so far.

Editing erotica also means understanding the difference between erotic and porn. That humour is allowed, so is the darkness of the human mind. Sexual stories need characters. They need a story.

As an editor of erotic these are a few additional elements you need to keep in mind. However, erotic can and do mix in other genres…say horror. Now you need to understand these new elements as well, plus how people would react to a situation. Fear can bring people together, but not when life is at stake.

Don’t confuse sex in a story as making that erotica. The scene can be erotic and hot, but that one scene doesn’t make the genre. Heck, even two or more don’t make the genre.

Erotica is driven by the sex and sexual. The story goal is the steam. Even if the steam is sweet. Erotic writing uses sex to tell, showcase, the story.

Porn? Think of it as a scene without a story – or edits.

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