Please submit all requests via email first: [email protected] Any attachments sent without a formal yes will be automatically deleted and refused.

As stated I strive to answer as quickly as I can.  You will hear from me whether I am accepting your request or decline. I cannot guarantee when the review will be done; however all accepted requests will be reviewed.  If there is a problem and I am having difficulties with a review I will notify you and leave the choice to you whether a review continues or not.

Please include a blurb of your book.  More information allows a better decision.

What format do I accept

– paper books
– eBooks, Kindle

FYI, I am located in Canada.

What genres do I read

science fiction
– mixed genres as well.

I will read series and have accepted all previous books in the series.  I attempt to have the full series read and reviewed side by side.  I will also accept just one book in a series, too.


I tend to be bored with romances and therefore do not quite mix with this genre.  I have read some and found them entertaining.  I have read romance that has any other genre as a sub-genre or where the romance is the sub-genre.  I stress that if your romance is contained within a mix-genre, that the other genre is just as strong as your romance aspect.

What I refuse to read

erotica – ask first
extreme gratuitous violence
extreme gratuitous sexual violence
any violence against children

If your book does contains a sexual encounter that fits the story, please just let me know as these are well within my comfort zones. It is sex for sex sake that I find boring in my reading choices.

Information I will require, and would prefer beforehand

.jpg file of the book’s cover.


Author’s Name




Author website


I prefer to add the blurb to each review in order to not rehash the storyline in my actual review. Each review is more conversational than any time of critique. Let’s face it we all enjoy talking books rather than tearing into them about wrong comma placement or an overused word or five…I save that for my editor’s hat.

Linking or Copying Reviews

I suggest linking to my main page as well as the main genre blog. But, linking to a specific review works, too.

If copying a review please let me know and also place my name and website address with review. Thank you