Why I read Family

Shhhh, but when I became an “adult” I thought these genre selections were boring and for those who saw the world through rose-coloured glasses.

Yup, I was wrong. Yup, I sure did forget all about the book “Go Ask Alice.” Now that was not a YA book for rose-coloured glass wearers.

What can I say, I was being a book snob.

Why can’t I enjoy a Nancy Drew or a Harry Potter? Okay I’ll always put Nancy and the Hardy brothers above (ahhh, my generation’s Nancy, Joe, and Frank not the younger-downed versions) all else. What matters is the fun is still there within the pages.

For me, I’ve found the feel of children books far more appealing than any paper print book. They’re glossy with bright colours. Fun characters. Silly characters.

It’s a true escape when you read something outside your normal age group. There’s no worry to see yourself as the character…when you were that age, you just might have been that character.

As for “Go Ask Alice,” no I was always too nervous and scared to read it. It was darker than anything my life held. But, I’m glad my generation had it and others like it.

WHY I review Fantasy

There’s a genre for thinking and knowing the what ifs. Well, fantasy is the genre to dream and believe in the what ifs.

Yes, knowing and believing are two different things.

Fantasy is the mind’s freedom. When writing we don’t need to explain why something happens…why a full grown human adult can fly with butterfly wings no bigger than the human torso. Just believe the wings will hold and carry us across the distance. Yes, ladybugs sing opera while the wee folk dance a jig to the leprechauns fiddling. And dogs meow while cats drink gin.

Fantasy will bring you to other worlds of magic and even guardian werewolves and loving vampires. You may even find a cankerous old whale to sail you through the universes in search of snoring dragons and bagpipe playing gargoyles.

Or maybe you’ll find yourself on a quest through Daymares of hunting horsemen and power-tripping mega-egos of world dominating shadow-fairies. Or the devil himself…herself…itself?

Then there’s always the chance you’re on an alternate reality meeting yourself.

If you can dream it, fantasy can write it.

Why I review General Fiction

First, what exactly is general fiction? That’s something I’ve never quite been able to define. It can be a family drama or mainstream story about a small town or community. There doesn’t have to be any suspense or para-whatever. Not even a romantic pairing in sight.
Looking at what I have in my review archives for this genre, it’s a mix of tales without any major element except telling a story. And that works for me.
Some may define general as being average, even keel, middle of the road, but I’ve found various stories to be more entertaining than some genre-specific ones. It fills the mood when other genres can’t.
There’s a difference when reviewing a general fiction. With other genres you can compare like against like…cozies to cozies or fantasy adventure to fantasy adventure…but each general fiction really has nothing to stand beside. Which almost can make this a more difficult genre to write.
It’s also one of the genres I read/review the least. If you see me reading something that fits here, then you know something grabbed me in the request…cross fingers it was worth it.

Why I review Dark Fiction/Horror

or as I call it – Keep the lights on

My dad used to say, and I remember him saying his mom used to say this, that there is a heaven…must be a heaven…because where we are is hell.

Some didn’t…won’t…understand what the statement means, but I do. Yes, life is wonderful and there is so much to enjoy and think of as heavenly. However, there is also much darkness, cruelty, and hatred.

What interests me is the delving into that darkness…and it’s not always cruel or hate-filled. The human mind is a living computer that needs no input to create and run its own programs. It just is. Each individual mind is uniquely wired. Take the same stimuli and present it to any number of people and see what you get. Sure, some may have similar reactions…even same reactions. Watch those who don’t. Watch the ones who react in fear and the ones who react to that fear. Some of those will literally feed from it and others will absorb the experience and wait to expand on it.

Dark fiction allows us to safely play within the depths of humanity without hurting anybody. It allows us to explore the questions which society doesn’t want us to ask…won’t allow us to experiment and find our own answers.

Dark fiction also knows something made the bump in the night sound. Those shadows we see fleeing from the corner of our eye…something made them. Within every legend…historical or urban…there is something true.

I find dark fiction is the genre to think and know the what ifs.

Why I review Mystery

You mean you don’t?

Haven’t I mentioned Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys enough, yet?

This is THE genre folks. What’s better than a mystery? It’s the best genre to mix with every other genre out there.

Even non-fiction can be packed with mysteries…think your history retellings.

Sherlock Holmes…Pirot…Maple…Scooby.

Nothing better than a mystery. Dang, I can’t even find anymore words. Mystery is just…the best.

Why I review Non-fiction

I never used to enjoy non-fiction. This genre always felt like school work and the last thing I wanted to do out of school and school hours was anything school-like.

Even biographies seemed dull.

What changed?

I read an unauthorized biography on Led Zeppelin and giggled all the way through it. If even an eighth of what was written was true then…OMG!

You couldn’t write that stuff in fiction and be believed. It was hilarious. Granted other biographies were a tad boring after that, but really a whole new world of stories opened up for me.

I still haven’t read many biographies, but I’ve read life adventures. Periods of travels and experiences people have had. How to books and meditation and poetry.

For the most part I’ve found something to connect in each. Some have grabbed me as strongly as anything fictional…which I know reads strange, but you have to remember you’re talking to someone who’s a fiction reader first.

Why I review Romance

The lack of romance reviews could have you thinking I don’t read romance. I have…do.

I’m a blood and guts gal. I’m not a “chick flick,” and I know how some hate that phrasing, gal. I get frustrated with the general romance story arc/formula.

However, I don’t mind romance as the secondary genre in a story. I’m not totally cold-hearted that I don’t ever want to see any emotional attraction between leading characters…all stories need some emotional connection. And I’m certainly not dead when it comes to a solid steam scene.

Honestly, I’m thrilled when a romance story grabs me and I can’t stop reading. I’ve even been surprised at my reactions to a love story. Yes, I’ve cheered the characters on and have shed a tear or more.

Plus not all romance stories read as romance stories. They’re just that…stories. An escape into a made up world visiting non-real people whose lives are just a little more exciting than mine. The best ones make you want them to be real.

I’ll gladly state that I believe Romance is the genre of hope. Perhaps even trust. That here in this genre we find a place to trust and hope that all the what ifs will work out. If not happily ever after, at least they way that’s best for all.

Why I review Science Fiction

I’ve found Science Fiction to be the genre some are reluctant to admit they read. It seems to be more than hidden genre, even more than horror/dark fiction.


Because it can be seen as either too techie and dry or too campy. Both fit the genre perfectly. You can have your dry techie science fiction stories and escape to an advanced age or travel back to somewhere simpler. Either way there’s science in there drawing your mind to its logic.

Science fiction can make you think. Think about whether or not something fictional could ever be made real…think Star Trek gadgets. Sure, it’s a television show, but somewhere there was the idea on paper before the visual.

And campy…now we’re talking. Over the top adventures to outer and inner space. Visitors from other worlds. The battle between science and magic.

And then everything in-between. You know, I think explore is a better word than escape for science fiction.

Oh, but watch out the for argument: SF, Sci-Fi, Science Fiction. Which do you prefer?

Why I don’t review Erotic/Erotica

But…minds do change…sexual scenes don’t mean it’s this genre

  1. I’m not a prude
  2. I know some very talented authors who WOW at this genre in both storytelling and heat levels
  3.  I know the difference between porn and erotic/erotica…maybe not quite the difference between erotic and erotica
  4. Yes, I’ve read the genre
  5. Yes, I have written in this genre…No, under a different name