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By Kirsten Kelly

Product details

  • Paperback:423 pages
  • Publisher:Pale Criminal Works (April 1, 2010)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:0615330207
  • ISBN-13:978-0615330204


Halíth presents the fantastical world of Aessyra where prophesy tells of an evil brewing and only “the One” can stop it. Halíth’s journey begins when she steals away from an impending marriage to a fat merchant, deemed by her uncle to be a good match. In a fit of passion, she runs away in the deep of night, with nothing to her name, and is soon transformed from a scared 16 year old girl to a young warrior ready to answer her fate. In the beginning, Halíth embraces her new adventurous lifestyle focusing on fighting battles, learning the trades of the Dwarves, and drinking and making merriment in local taverns. Soon; however, Halíth’s true test of maturity comes when the Great War finally breaks out across Aessyra. The Haddu, a coalition of Orcs, trolls, and others faithful to a demonic religion, are swarming over the land, seeking to usher in the Third Darkness. Halith must grapple with challenges within and without as she dodges assassins, endures the betrayal of those closest to her, and tries to make sense of her so-called “destiny.”

My Review:

I have mixed feelings about this book. As I’m typing up my notes, I’m about fifty pages from finishing the story and am questioning how it can possibly finish. There has to be a sequel. This can’t be a standalone book, but from my researching it appears that, yes, this book will somehow end.

There are strong images painted. Scenes, setting, sub-stories that are enjoyable to read. And, then I’m thrust back into the main story where I’m floundering to figure what it is. Someone wrote in another review that there is a formal feel to the language, which hits me as a definite, yes.

I have a love/confused relationship with this book and that’s why it’s taken me so long to read. I keep restarting thinking I’ve missed something.

Would I recommend Halith? Sorta. It’s a total escape read. There are shining parts of adventure and laughter and companionship. The writing is not an issue. The winding path throughout might be the downfall.

Now, back to my reading as I have to learn what and how this ends.

And, I’m more confused. I’m not fully sure what I’m supposed to walk away with at the end of this reading. There are extremely strong female characters, companionships that you don’t always see in this genre with female leads. Not that many have so many female leads, now that I give thought to it. Beginning to realize the male characters are pretty much secondary, sure there’s a few presented and part of the Halith team; however, this is a female led fantasy.

I missed this completely until I came back here to finish this review. I still believe it is too wordy, and I love description. Too much in-between action that isn’t directly related to the main storyline. But, again, if the desire was to build up the character than this worked. Would have preferred a bit more editing down, but that’s my personal taste.

Recommend? I’m curious enough to want to know what others think about it. Did I miss something? I don’t know if my daughter will read it, but I am going to ask her.

Rating, if I was still giving ratings, average with promise. Kristen Kelly can write, there’s no doubt about that and I’m always open to giving her another read.