Bubba Giganto 200x319


By: Lea Schizas
Publisher: 4RV Publishing


Everyone needs a friend.

Bubba is starting another new school with the same old expectations.  What he discovers, and what parents will relearn, is that each and every one of us is as unique as we are similar.

Bubba has a chip on his shoulder, he’s learned to keep one in order to survive his many school changes.  He knows he’s the new kid and what to expect from those who rule the school.  No, it’s not the teachers or principal, but the leader-kids who rule the school halls and surrounding grounds. And, Bubba has just bumped into, maybe, the biggest of them all.

What’s the old saying, never judge a book by its cover, well Bubba and his friend, Giganto (David) discover this very important aspect of friendship.  Along the way they will also discover that fear is the greatest bully.

Having no sons, I am assuming that boys learn quite a few life lessons during sports.  That the playing field is a levelling field where everyone can be equals, not always, but sometimes.  Ms. Schizas’ levelling field is the soccer (apologies to my nephews and brother in Scotland, football) field.  Because my one nephew is a soccer/football coach, I very much want to pass this book to him.  Ms. Schizas has written a story that any coach/teacher/parent can use to open talks with boys, all children, about being themselves and standing for themselves and others.  Her book offers a look through a young man’s eyes and how he discovers himself.

While reading, I was reminded of the movie “My Bodyguard.”  The movie starred Matt Dillon, Chris Makepeace, and Adam Baldwin (no relation to that family).  This movie brought the misunderstood large and largely ignored student together with the new guy as they confronted the school bully.  However, in Ms. Schizas’ tale, the school bully is allowed to learn from his actions and not just defeated for the ‘good laugh.”

While, “Bubba and Giganto: Odds Against Us” is directed for the young men in our lives, it is a story for us all.

Thank you, Ms. Schizas.