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To set out into the world, to be surrounded by the unknown… Only then would he be free to reinvent himself. Or to fall in love.

Dylan wanted one last adventure before the burden of adulthood was thrust upon him. And to confront the man he hadn’t spoken to since their intimate night together. Stealing a magical boat with his faithful talking cat, their journey is cut short when they witness a mysterious murder. A killer is stalking the Five Lands, attacking the most powerful wizard families. Dylan, a potential target, seeks sanctuary from an unpredictable bodyguard named Tyjinn. Together they decide to hunt the killer down. Along the way, everything Dylan thought he knew about himself will be challenged, but if he survives, he stands to win the love he never dreamed possible.

My Review:

Easy to start this read. There’s nothing confusing or too deep in the story flow and you’re quickly in the middle of the main character’s thoughts and actions. I once read, regarding story writing, that all our stories have already happened and we’re simply retelling them and that a story should start in its middle. That’s my feeling here. I don’t have a backstory to move through, I’m just right there moving along with the characters for better or worse, maybe a bit confused, but isn’t that what’s reading is…going with the flow?

I’m comfortable, now, saying that there is a touch upon of young adult gay love within this story. I’m comfortable because this wasn’t information I had until I double checked the Amazon rating: Coming of Age Fiction, Gay Fiction, and Gay Romance. Before anyone worries the characters are 18. The author himself is gay…just reading his bio now as well. So even though I’m finding this written delicately, rest assure the author knows the emotions. It’s very sweet.

I’m not finished this book, yet. So this is only a partial review. As of Chapter 5 it’s a pleasant read if perhaps a bit quick in its moving. Of a 133 global ratings it currently stands at 4.3 out of 5.  I’m still middle ground, so stay tuned.

(above written January 3 2024)