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I've been writing my 'stories' since elementary school. My grandmother would give me $5.00 each shopping trip for my next Nancy Drew or Hardy Boy installment...fix, if I knew the word back then. Of course, those first original writings of mine were teen mysteries. Heck, even my Barbie play were based on watching the TV shows Lost in Space, Land of the Giants, and yes, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. My other loves involved old Hollywood monsters, any monster movie, anything scary.

Today my writings are still mysterious. And the dark side. Surprisingly, for me, even humorous romance.

Come on by.

Oh...and my WIPs are here


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When I restarted reviewing, the site I reviewed for used a rating of 4 out of 4, so I have continued that rating.  If a book receives a 4 you know I loved it.  2 out of 4 is average and I believe the rest explains itself.

However, I've since stopped using a rating system. I've found what's written in any review gives me more information than any number rating. As well I've read too many reviews where the rating doesn't mix with the review written.

But why pick the elephant as my symbol? 

Without getting too woo-hoo on you, I am drawn instinctively to the elephant.  There is something about this animal that touches my soul.  Mythically the elephant has been seen as the symbol of wisdom, strength, dignity, luck, intelligence, and family.

I review because I love reading.  It is my hope that by reviewing your work that I may, in some small way, help you achieve your goals and forward your success.

I do not pretend to be wise.  My inner strength varies as I continue to search for answers. I can be quite goofy.  Lucky?  Guess that depends on if my reviews help or not.  Intelligent?  I try.  Family?first, foremost, always.

You know I'll more later for you later.

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I decided on this site during a moment of Mannix watching bliss. By now you have probably guessed that I'm a TV junkie let alone a book addict.Getting back to Mannix, I was so thrilled to have bought the Season One DVDs I wanted to shout it out to everyone...hence, a blog where I can indulge in whatever topic strikes my fancy. Whether it's TV, movies, random silliness, or emotions I just have to get off my chest.

ChrisChat Indulges is where you'll really find my rambling thoughts.

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Just like the name reads, here I...and everything creative. From writing to crafts to art to whatever outlet feeds your creative self.  Short and sweet.
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