By A.J. O’Connell

Publisher: Vagabondage Press

ISBN-10: 0615611036

ISBN-13: 978-0615611037



Sure, being a courier for a secret, possibly terrorist society has its risks, but the pay was worth it. At least I thought it was until I was ordered to make a late-night run to Boston to meet an opium-addicted, vodka-addled contact, who blows the deal. Now I am being hunted as I hobble, injured through the streets of Beantown. When I discover a gun and my new assignment, I wonder if perhaps I made a bad career choice.


I did not realize this was a short story, but don’t let that deter you from reading. It does mean my review will be quite short because I can’t tell you much without giving the whole story away.

First observation…I can see how some could be swept into groups beyond their realizations.

Second observation…crap happens and it happens fast.

Third observation…reality isn’t a Bond movie (I know this is fiction, too).

Fourth observation…I didn’t see that coming.

And, what the heck is coming in book two: The Eagle and the Arrow (which I start next)

Okay, I could go into style or whatever critiques, but I’m not. This is a story under a 100 pages and it’s pure escape wackiness.

Let’s see where A.J. takes us.

Publisher:  Battered Suitcase Press

ISBN: 0615797873  and 978-0615797878

Format: Kindle and Paperback


Being the director of a secret agency isn’t easy; we have almost no budget, all of our agents are stupid kids and extremists, and my boss is a corrupt senator, but it’s a decent job. Or it was, until a few months ago, when an important package disappeared and one of our agents went rogue, killing three men. Now she’s in Guantanamo, and I’ve got orders to deal with her. Personally.



Not what I was expecting. Again, a very short book, but it has been split into chapters which I like. According to Amazon, 82 pages print length.

We’re right where we left off in Beware the Hawk. This time in the government department that was responsible for the couriers. I’m a bit off-kilter because there’s not a whole lot of information about why, who, how, and where this all fits in and that’s part of the lure. Who really talks about secret government departments?

Even our courier, isn’t told much and she’s the one under the knife, gun, trouble of every kind. The Director is stuck with her has to bring her home every night.

Like the first book, there’s not much I can share that isn’t already in the synopsis. I took my time…and the time life’s hiccups tossed in…to read what should be a one day read. I wanted to make sure I grasped everything and I’m not sure I did, plus my copy says this is a trilogy, but I can’t find any information about a third book.

Ms. O’Connell, we…I want a third book. I need to know what happened after…dang, I can’t share. But…nope, that’s another can’t share.

Sorry, if you’ve read book 1 you need to follow-up with book 2, if for any reason just to find the answers to my unshared snips.

Short and not so sweet.