Indulges – Reflections: Where’s your attention OR Why multi-tasking is bad

Some days I think I have mice running around inside my head. Randomly, crazily, without a road map.

I don’t know how to juggle – as in oranges, balls, chainsaws – but I can multi-task. At least when my min isn’t a rodent exercise wheel. Those days nothing works. Nothing makes sense or flows in any working order.

Which brings to mind the simple question – where’s my attention? Where’s our attention when we’re multi-tasking? Sometimes it works. We’re able to work and balance different bits and bobs. We progress through the workload. In the end maybe even accomplish more.

Then there’s the multi-tasking attention-grabbing electronics. How fast, how soon, do you honestly expect someone to reply? No, take a moment and think about it. Be hard honest with yourself. We do expect instant answers and when we don’t get them one way, we’ll try another.

Anyone else trained to answer these beeps, shrills, dings, buzz, or whatever phone, tablet, anything? Writing this my phone indicated an incoming email. I had to force myself not to look. I did and ended up putting my alarm to sleep. One ding was needed; one beep…no rush.

At least no rush from my end.

One last observation…I’m fifty-two and grew up with the timing of no one called after 9pm. Rarely called after 9pm. Anyone else? Has that changed for you and your family? I’m hearing the beeps, shrills, everything at all hours. And these aren’t due to time differences.

Sorry my attention was needed elsewhere, for a moment, but long enough I can’t remember my closing to this conversation.

Let’s just go with…Thought juggling is fine. Mindless racing, well, maybe that needs time off.

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