Writer: Prepping for you know what

I’m writing this the evening of my local region’s kickoff party.  I didn’t make it due to having the start, middle, pain of an upcoming cold.  I did call in and share though.  The teen went.

The talk was about any ideas we might already have brewing.  And offered some ideas.

I’m starting from complete and total scratch.  I’ve pulled four names out of thin air, need two more.  I have five nouns (?) and two region prompts/fun.  When I look through my opening line journal I’ll find my first line and maybe title.  I think this is an adventure story but my free thinking maybe leading to a possible horror adventure.  I don’t know the ages of the characters but so far two are twins.

I’m determined I will reach 1667 words each day.  I’m determined I will reach 50000 words by the end of the month.  I will be handwriting and dictating the story to the computer.


Because I know I write about 250 words per page which means about seven pages a day.  I am committed to writing three morning pages every day, so that’s half my battle.  Plus I write faster than I type because I don’t edit when I write – I scratch out and move on.

And there’s plenty of paper in the house to use.  And I have the pens I know will flow fast and easy.

Yup, I think I’m ready.

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