Pandemic Writing

Basically, I don’t think I could write characters, like some I’m seeing and hearing on the news and online, and be believed. Coughing and spitting on people for wearing a mask? No sensible person would do that. Sure. Who says they’re sensible? We’re also living in a time of zombie and apocalyptic television shows and movies where the heroes sometimes act the bad guys in order to save themselves. People thought the coming of the year 2000 was fearful, did they buy up all the toilet paper on the shelves? Try writing, reading, that in any book and you’ll wonder what the author was thinking. Be honest, you know you would.

Fighting store policies on wearing a mask? Not letting people into your establishment if they’re wearing a mask? I’ll never understand the reasoning.

I asked our family doctor about vaccinating our daughter, when she was a baby, yeah I fell for the fear-talk. Yes, I call it fear-talk, that’s a conversation for another time. Our doctor said the one perfect piece of information I ever heard…most of these vaccines have been in use in Japan for decades longer than we’ve used them…without any dire consequences.

Guess what, Japan’s citizens have been wearing masks in order to not spread their germs to the strangers around them for years. This Covid-19 is new. We don’t always know when or who may have it, well, a mask isn’t that difficult.

But, I move away from my topic as a writer. We have all read a book and put it down shaking our head at the absurdity of something the writer wrote. We’ve all said at one point…no way, that’s nuts, people wouldn’t act like that, wouldn’t believe that…ah, yeah.

I’m at the point I don’t think there’s anything I could possibly write that cannot be judged unbelievable…well, unless I wrote I can fly and become invisible. Then again…

I’ll end with this question…what, based on today’s world…would you find unbelievable to read in a future book?