Visualization x 2

What was that other room I mind-saw? Picture a large room that is a walk-in closet. It’s all bright white with aisles of shelves, hanging space, and drawers. Entry is via the bedroom, but this room is large enough to be its own room. Keep walking down the aisle, maybe half the length of a grocery store one. At the end is a length of space, more rectangle in spatial shape than a square. There’s a window, strange for me but it looks very much like the large window from the Amityville movies…the first one. That movie scared the daylights…and nightlights…out of me.

This window is open to space and sky. It’s the top window which allows the view to contain everything. There’s a lounge couch, chaise, right by that window…writing this I always thought the window would have its own sitting space. The chaise is a light white or slight cream colour. When I stretch out on it, with the window to my left, in front of me is a wall space and a picture hanging there. The space is deep enough for two to stand in and not been seen if someone looks down the aisle from the doorway.

Another haunting image, for me, is the picture hanging there. It’s by the actor Paul Blackthorne. He’s a photographer and this is his Zebra face with a scene overlaid in its eye. Of course, now I can’t find a copy of the picture to remind me of the scene.

But, this image has mesmerized me since I first saw it. Why my mind-self placed it here, I really don’t know, but it fits. What is the zebra seeing? Observing? Know?

This is my daydream room. The place of quiet and contemplation. From here I can then move to whatever mind-room I need.

I know, this sounds very wonky and “out there.” I was once told I’m a very visual person…I was in therapy dealing with my dad’s death at the time.

Again, this is just part of who I am and how I see…need to see?…my self and surroundings.

My version of priming the well?  Probably. Yeah. This is how I set myself up to reach my dreams and their goals.

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