Giving up?

No, I’m not giving up writing, although sometimes I feel like I should as I’m not happy with how it’s coming along. Frustrated with the process and then doubting everything else. All normal for a writer.

The giving up is more along the lines of Nanowrimo and some storylines.

I quit trying to achieve the word count for Nano simply because it was too daunting for me this year. I wasn’t reaching my goals for anything this month until I stopped and readjusted. Nano did not fit in with the plans. Next year. That’s the great thing about Nano, you can always try again.

Heck, that’s life…you can always keep trying and keep adjusting. There’s no real giving up when there are always choices.

Storylines. Giving up on some? It’s actually what I read today, there are some ideas that don’t fan out. We hit a stall or block because we don’t know how to continue the story. Where and what needs to happen next? What is the ending? At least, what do we currently think the ending is?

I’ll admit, I have a few stories that I have no idea what their endings are. They started as a flash opening and wild idea, but absolutely have no direction. I’m not following any path or plot. Sure, that’s a pantser for you, but still, shouldn’t I have at least some idea of what the story is?

A suggestion was offered, in the book I was reading, that we should stop and pose a few – What ifs – to our story/characters. Something that fits what we have written and then see what rings true and follow the lead. It takes time to reach those questions. Some quiet thinking.

Anyone ever give up on quiet thinking? Slow themselves down enough to allow the quiet to settle in so that a thought can seep in. Definitely not easy. It’s not about patience, not really. It’s the quiet. We don’t allow ourselves quiet very much anymore.

Quiet is scary. It leaves us alone with ourselves. That’s when the thoughts creep in. The worries and doubts. Everything we want to keep out.

Don’t give up. Let those normal immediate thoughts come and go. You do realize they will leave as soon as you don’t give them time? They only stick around in order for you to panic and panic is a speed reaction. Too much time and panic gets panicked. It doesn’t know what to do so it leaves.

That’s when the good thoughts and realizations show up. They start to take you serious; that you’re going to be sticking around.

So…Do Not Give Up.

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