My voice is different

This actually started out as a question…why is my voice different; is my voice different. Out of all the books out there what makes me stand out? Why do I spend my money and time on certain authors and not others? There is a limit to the number of books we can possibly read in our lifetimes as well as authors we can discover and give our money and time.

Okay. My voice is different because it’s mine. I can’t say I write better or worse than what’s already published. My stories might not even be new…no story is new, they are offered from a different view; a different conversation between the writer and the audience.

Yes, that’s it. A different conversation. Think a dinner party and everyone goes home and writes in their diary what just happened. They only know what they experienced. The rest from outside their circle is assumption and a bit of eavesdropping of hearsay. We just happen to be at a dinner party of a few thousands, maybe millions if you’re thinking world-wide.

The common saying is give ten writers the concept of boy meets girl and you will get ten separate versions of it. Heck, you would even get a mixed range of genres.

My writer-hat is there to get the story written, polished, and published. My marketing-hat can worry about finding an audience.

When I first asked myself this posting’s question I wondered if I was asking out of doubt of my writing or reaching out to you as a future reader. Now? I’m answering my own question when I’m deciding on a new book to read or a new author to try…same concept; same genre; different dinner guest.

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