How many times have adults told kids, teens, to stop daydreaming? Get your head out of the clouds. I’m telling you to keep those daydreams.

For a writer these are the starts of any story, in any genre. They are our creative voices and the continuation of our sleeping dreams. I don’t know about you, but I have had some vivid dreams. I record in a notebook for future inspiration.

Remember, the starting point for any story is to write it. The polish comes later. Some will tell you the plotting is first, okay, that’s part of the groundwork. The stepping stones. If you’re going to write the whole thing out then why not just write the story. Edit after.

It begins with a thought. A daydream. A fantasy. Play.

Yes, play.

Have fun. Run away with the scenes racing through your mind. Sit back and daydream. Take the time and give yourself permission.

Be serious about your daydreaming. I’m not telling you to act on them. Write them. You have so many inside you, if you will let them out.

No, go, daydream, and schedule it in.