The blank page…

…it will always be there. It never goes away, which is why you need to make friends with it now.

Unless you only plan on writing, drawing, painting, anything the one time. The start will be staring you in the face with each new project. There’s no way around this.

What’s a writer to do?

Throw the words on the screen/page and check them out later. Oh so easy, yeah, you can stop laughing. If it was we would all write or paint.

How to start those words? An idea is good, but most of us have those already. These short pinpoints come from a few books I’ve read, at least my takeaways.

. play with your draft copy, it’s your whimsy time

. logic is for the edits

. toss in everything as you want what’s in instead of searching for what’s missing

. be casual (if only at the start) write wherever, whenever, no one is timing you

Make friends with your blank page.

That page is yours. Own it. Fill it with the livestream of your imagination. Listen and record what unfolds.