Writing times

Are certain times more conducive to certain genres?

Are certain seasons more fitting for certain genres?

Do writing times change with seasons?

Maybe worrying about writing times is just a blocking technique of the mind that is afraid to write?

Some have called writing and then publishing their book similar to giving birth and sending their child out into the cold world to fend for itself. Okay, that’s always bugged me because you really can’t compare a book to a living child.

However, if you’re waiting till the right time to write that best-seller you have as much luck as waiting for the perfect time to have a baby…there’s never going to be a right and perfect time. You will never be ready. You will always find reasons to postpone.

Now, there’s more to starting a baby and there’s a whole lot of outstanding circumstances involved. You could say…let’s do it; let’s start…but you’re really not in full control.

Your book…yeah, just do it. Write the title. Write the first sentence…or the last…or one that shows up in the middle. Write the character’s name. Then tomorrow write more. Then write a little more.

There’s no time to…steal a quick 10 or 15 minutes (pun on your own). Then…yup…steal another; then another.

What’s the song about putting one foot in front of the other and you’re walking out the door? One word in front of another and…okay, I was hoping to plant that song in your head since it’s now in mine as I’m writing this.

Writing time is anytime. Go now…write…yes write right now.