Where Did I Go?

I went missing.

Yup, I became all tangled up in life and went missing. Did I forget I had a blog? Did I forget people actually stopped by and read my blog?

No, I knew it was here and that you were here. I…well you see…uhm it was…ahhhh, time…the family…no, the summer…sheesh…okay, I couldn’t…no, I didn’t know what to write and allowed myself to become busy with other stuff.


Why do I blog? What made me set up a blog? What could I possibly have to say that would be of interest? Why would you be interested in stopping by and spending your busy time reading me? Specially, since I’m such a hit and miss blogger?

I named this blog “ChrisChat Talks Books” and yet I don’t really talk about books. I have hosted some pretty good authors. We’ve talked about what we love and dislike about storylines and characters.

But, you know, I think I should rename this blog. How about…ChrisChat Talks Creativity. Yeah, that’s what interests me more…for here. My website is where I talk books, through my book reviews. But it’s here, this blog, where I can ramble away about the creativeness that I think is inside me.

And, let’s face it writing is creative. Whether we’re writing flash stories, short stories, novellas, novels, prose and poetry or drawing (attempting in my case) these are all forms of creativity. Why just talk books when we can talk about all forms of creativity?

All right! This excites me.

This week’s question: What do you create?

4 thoughts on “Where Did I Go?”

  1. I create my day ~
    where I work and play.
    Upon an empty page
    I fume and rant and rage;
    and write 'till I can bend
    the day to suit my ends;
    In prose and verse I weave
    what I know, imagine, believe.

    That's what I create ^_^
    How about you? Share!

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