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I thought I would talk about our creative space this week. Whether it’s our quiet corner or entire home, we all need a space where we can create our work.

A cook will thrive in their kitchen. A woodworker may have their workroom or outdoor shed. The knitter may carry their materials in a bag or case and only need the couch corner. As a writer, I spend my time with my computer and desks.

Yes, desks. I have two that are kitty-cornered to each other. One faces my inspiration wall. The wall with photos I’ve taken and a large print I found at the Mall. You might even see my slinkys on the shelves, along with my bowl of stones and crystals.

My other desk faces out our front bedroom window. It allows full afternoon sunlight in and is where I stare outside daydreaming. I have a few items I love, too. Some just for their look–like my pottery bowls. No, I didn’t make these; a local artist did and they just grabbed my attention. No, I didn’t find the shells on the beach. I bought them at the craft store…just because.

I need my area clutter-free. I have drawers filled with papers and stuff…oh those folders on the wall contain different notes and papers, too. But, when I’m working I normally have my computer files open on screen and bounce back and forth between them all.

There’s also my reading corner. Well, one of them. I’ll also read here at my laptop or sprawled just about anywhere else in the house.

If you’re curious, that gorilla is something I’m attempting to sketch. I remember doing a piece of artwork back in high school using different mediums with monkeys as my theme. Silly me, I threw it and other pieces away.

Some of you may remember these pictures from my facebook, but since then I’ve rearranged the set up. I do that a lot…rearrange my stuff. Every time I do, I find something new; something I had forgotten.

So, what’s your creative space like? You do have one, right?

5 thoughts on “Creative Space”

  1. In my case, my desks (yeah, I've got two also) like my life are cluttered. They're piled high with books, magazines, and notebooks.

    In the guestroom/office, there is my laptop, printer, files, and TV. This is where the "heavy" stuff gets written during daylight. In the bedroom, is another laptop (my wife's) and, usually, a reading wife. For some reason, this is where the "light" stuff is written in the evening. On the walls above the laptops are wildlife calendars, with big squares, from the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Also, next to the each laptop is that time-wasting invention of the devil known as a telephone. Windows are verboten (I'd get nothing accomplished).

    Somehow, things get done.

  2. I have a den with a Japanese low desk and seat on the floor. It has a giant closet full of artistic tools and files.
    There is a pile of papers to be filed and an in and out box to be handled. From now till January, I am just dealing with my blog, no other writing.
    Downstairs I have a Chinese lacquered desk. Right now it is covered with Christmas presents I am sorting out, must not forget anyone. XD

  3. Thanks for dropping by and sharing. I truly value your time and thoughts.

    Whether we have a specific spot or just the spur of the moment, we each find our space and that space and time is our own.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂


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