Indulges – Spotlight: Nothingness

Different than silence. Nothingness is the fullness of being empty. Allowing yourself to just be without.

Without thought. Without…thought.

Because no matter what we do our thoughts are with us. We need the time for nothingness. Either through what we do or just by sitting and stopping.

Consider this the break from ourselves.

We all know the break we need from others. We call this our time – me time. And those closest to us want and need their “me” time, too. Including time away from us.

Why wouldn’t then we need time away from our thoughts?


I’m not making sense?

Some people call it meditation. Some feel they achieve this by running or working out. Others call time out by knitting or another form of crafting.  Even reading.

For me I turn off. Maybe it’s a form of meditation, I don’t know. But, I will sit and stare out the window. I’m not watching anything or anyone.

I’ll looking at the sky, the tree, the grass.

Nothing but stare and allow myself the pleasure of stopping. Not chanting. Not concentrating on breathing or any sounds. Not pushing myself for the next step.

Just simply sitting and doing nothing. Looking at something else doing nothing.

Just being.

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