Creativity – Revisit/Tweak: Does Creativity Live Alone

When I first wrote this entry I had just returned home from a NaNoWri end of month dinner. It was then that something niggled the back of my mind…does creativity live alone?

Have you ever tried writing in a crowded, noisy room? Okay, my teen years don’t count when I wrote poetry at the bowling alley.

Some easily write alone in their caves, while others do better with face-to-face occasional contact. I’m a cave dweller with multi-contacts via online. I don’t feel alone, but I’ve recognized the difference of “live” conversations and interactions and those which pop up on my screen…unless they are via video. Each have a different energy.

But, still I’m wondering if creativity truly lives alone. It is our individual imaginations, our private outlets, but don’t we all feel the need to share. The excitement of talking about our creations. Or do some of us prefer to keep it private. Our own secret escape.

I am a cave dweller and my creativity likes to show itself when I’m alone, but I don’t think either of us lives alone.

1 thought on “Creativity – Revisit/Tweak: Does Creativity Live Alone”

  1. Creativity strikes at the most inappropriate times: during swimming lessons, while driving, in the shower, when waking from a dream in the middle of the night…
    But you're right – it does require some quite time to focus that inspiration. I used to write when the house was empty, which is no longer possible. Which is why I now have a "writers' corner" – so I can enjoy some quiet time, hear those creative inner voices speak.

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