Reviewer: Pet Peeve – When will this end…



…your book, that is.

Not the words you want to read from a reviewer. Or reader as this works for anyone reading your book.

The book that will not end. The book that just keeps repeating, just keeps going far beyond its conclusion.

The book you start thinking that there must be a surprise, something more.

Nope, it just didn’t know when to end.



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2 thoughts on “Reviewer: Pet Peeve – When will this end…”

  1. Hi Chris,
    As Xmas is almost here I just want to wish you a happy Xmas and a great New Year. I hope you are overcoming your health problems and soon be back into doing what you do best.
    When Xmas comes we tend to only think about ourselves and family but we should also give thoughts to people we know and are in poor health. You have given me plenty of good reviews for which I am very grateful but it saddens me to think some people are in poor health so I hope everything is going well and have a great new year.

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