ChrisChat Indulges Reflections: The strangest thank you

Thank you to those who “dumped” me. Thank you to those who walked away from me. Thank you to those who just plainly decided they didn’t want/like/whatever me.

During a meditation period, reading as well as looking inside, I have finally realized that every single person who “dumped” my friendship, I gained something back.

From the teen girl who made fun of me running…it took a long while but I gained back my self-confidence.

From the co-workers who scolded me with their own stress…I gained the release to learn about myself and discover my self-value. The strength of walking away in the face of fear.

To the friend who was angry but would not confront me…I gained the knowledge and strength of what I deem acceptable and unacceptable.

To those who have cursed me without even knowing me…I gained the power of not caring if everyone liked/wanted/whatever me.

To those I made excuses for, reasons for, tried to put understanding in place of opening my eyes and ears…I gained perspective that Maya Angelou was right “when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”


To those I’ve “dumped,” walked away from, decided I just didn’t know where to put you in my life…I hope you gained something, too. Truthfully. Honestly. Sincerely.


It’s been said…but those famous “they” people…child and animals know. Know what? Know who is real…for them. I’m sorry I didn’t listen closely enough to what my child, now teen, has been telling me for years. I’ve spoken to you about trusting your gut, your instinct…I realize now there were times I should have trusted your gut and instinct. I won’t stop giving my thoughts or sharing my experiences, but I’ll try and listen deeper.

And, very strangely, thank you the dang cat. Really, she reads people better than any person I’ve ever known.

In the end, you’ll either believe my sincerity of the positive intention I’ve written this or you’ll read a rant. The gain here is that I cannot control how you read my words. The only contentment I have is my own knowing.

Thank you.

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