Children & Teen & YA…Why?

Because I don’t think I’ll be judged as harshly as I would be with my adult age stories. I’ve always thought teen and children stories were given more leeway in style, topic, and voice.

Don’t shoot me, yet. I’m not implying these are easier to write. And I know they, this genre, is judged. What I am saying is that when I’m reviewing or editing this genre the hard-headed rules don’t apply with an iron fist. And that statement will still land me in trouble. I know.

Go back to my first statement – I don’t think. This is all on my feeling and thought process. All on my gut. My mind gives me a freer rein for this genre. So, if this is how I need to think it to get these tales told then this is the way I’ll use.

We all, writers and any artist, need to be gentle on ourselves. Gentle to go for the risk.

Have I answered the why, don’t really think so. The other why is because this was the first genre I read. It shaped me and inspired me. I want those tween and teen stories I attempted to know they still mean something. They have value and I’m going to give them their deserved spotlight.

While I want to cross-out my opening, l ‘m keeping it because I know others do believe it to be true. And to write I need to be honest with myself.


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