ChrisChat Indulges – I’m tired

I’m tired. Tired of people who talk one-sided. Only caring, seeming to care about that which only benefits them or shares their views.

I’m tired of the not caring. The as long as it’s not in my backyard. As long as it doesn’t touch me I’m good with the decisions – only to go against when it trends too close.

I’m tired of a place that is cruel and mean. Tired of those who accept someone who are a negative.

I’m really tired of the women who won’t trust and believe in another woman because she’s a woman. Do they have no idea the message they are sending to their daughters? Do they truly believe women are not as capable as men?

I’m tired of people calling others, lowlifes for lack of a worse name. And because there are too many names used.

I’m tired of the reporting, the sides – look over here what’s happening, at what they said or did, but don’t look at what we’re doing or saying.

I’m tired.

I’m tired of the thoughts I predict this will bring.

Yes, I’m talking about us all, every side.

I’m tired of closed ears, closed eyes, and flapping mouths.

I’m tired.