Children & Teen & YA…What are my stories?

Thought I answered this already. Maybe it was just in my mind. My imagination is pretty overactive. I like it that way.

Most of my teen stories follow the routine of mysteries and with gangs like the kids and their dog. Or the girl detective or the brothers. Or the five cousins travelling the holidays together.

The main issue with my stories here so I never flushed them out and ended them too quickly. Along with never making up my mind about how many pets they should have. Which led to developing my superheroes with their animals. Having exotic and multiple animals made more sense in this concept. Plus it’s fun to pretending to be a super power and saving the local world. Making my own rules. And having character names without having them realistic. And I don’t need to think physical relationships like more adult aimed stories, not that they require physical relationships.

My favourite super hero is Super Snake. Yes, for a younger reader – am I sure I haven’t written all this before? Another yang story is about Wally Wannabe the Wombat. After watching videos of wombats, I’m more excited about this character.

I’m going to end her because I swear I’ve just repeated myself. Now back to writing.

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