Poet/Art: Is the risk worth it

Yes. When the feedback is positive.

No. When the comments are negative.

Yes, again even with negative comments.

Yes, even when your knees are knocking in fear and your stomach is clenched in agony and you want to throw up.

I’m a writer. It’s taken me years to own those words. To acknowledge that no matter what anyone else defines “writer” as being, I am a writer. It’s taking me longer to own “artist” and “poet.” Even though, yes, being a writer covers being an artist and a poet. Am I the only one who feels these three titles are their own identity?

Then there’s the question or questionee or question topic that I’m actually referring to…risk. Which risk is worth it?  The risk of putting myself and my creative work out there for criticism is obvious.

The risk of finding out I’m good? That scares me. And I know I have the ability to be good. I’ve written and drawn well. I’m finally able to own that, too.

The imagined question you’re asking me…is the risk worth it. Yes. You’re worth it. Take the risk on yourself.

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