Writer – opening line exercise

I’ve taken to writing an opening line each day as part of my morning routine. Ritual if you like. I’ve borrowed this from one of the reference – writing – books I also read each day (one a day, maybe a chapter or at least 15 minutes). That writer suggested to write an opening line, just that one first line and nothing more. She was talking about how our stories start in their middle, start with something happening or already known. I think she suggested writing one every day, anyways that’s what I’m doing. Some of these lines are kinda funny. Some a little mysterious. Some, I know what I was thinking for further writing and others I have no idea where I would go with them.

I’ve realized that each are now story prompts. And they’re pumping my writing well. I had thought that something else was doing that – exercises from another reference book. But nope – helps a little – the real filling up comes from me. At least it is starting to. Maybe it is from outside reference material taken in and grown.

Here’s a couple of opening lines that are haunting me.

She sat in silence until she became aware.


Make me.


Now, I realize, I need to discover my artistic – as in drawing – prompts and fill that well up.

So many wells for all of me.


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