ChrisChatTalks Creativity – The differences between Melody and Theodora.

Melody is the sweet love. Theadora is the lust love. I really wanted to say fun love, but the reality is that both types are fun.

So, am I talking about love or creativity?

Creativity, of course.

By now, if you’ve been reading my blog, you know why I have created Melody and Theadora. What I want to share today is how freeing it is to write under a different name, even when it’s still me.

The truth is that giving ourselves permission to create anything, but I’m talking writing, is difficult. We can sometimes feel we’re wasting time. Can feel foolish writing or acting make belief. It’s not like knitting something to wear. Or painting ceramics to drink or eat from. And sometimes we freeze so solid the blank page or screen holds more power than a spider on the wall.

Try not being yourself.

Try not being you.

It’s not you writing a sappy love story or a sweaty steamy sexual activity. It’s someone else. It sure isn’t the mom who volunteers at school. Or the woman watching slasher movies.

It’s someone else

So what if that someone else lives in the same brain and body. This writer isn’t you. The complete you. But these personalities do complete you. They are a vital part of you even if no one ever learns their names.

Bring them out and let them play, Let them take over. They’re perfectly happy never having their names known because they know you and them are the same.

Just get over yourself and bring them out.