Tagline: Redemption, not for the faint of heart

This story started as a short for a themed collection…along the lines of “Midnight Find” just involving a tour group to Drac’s old haunting place.

Sister Katie developed as a nun…never did explain her religion, so that’s up for tweaking…who ends up battling the devil for her soul.

Today’s story is set in the same general area and that’s about where anything similar ends with the original concept. Sister Katie is still being drawn to some entity, but so are there powers calling to her traveling companion, Elsie.

The story started writing itself with me playing catch up as I had no idea where I was being taken. Am I headed toward a battle with the devil, a devil…will it be a vampire, given the general location? I don’t know, yet.

There is the feel of protection, redemption, battle of minds with the outcome a price no one wants to pay.

Hmmm…tagline: Redemption at a price no one wants to pay.

Yup, this is one story I’m still struggling to comprehend.