Well, this will work as today’s session on writing PREY as I organize my thoughts on this dream inspired story. Yup, was one of those dreams that came on so real, the one you keep falling back into as you’re trying to wake up. Couldn’t shake the feel of it.

The tagline is still a work in progress:

Prey, capture, love

One preys, one captures, one loves

Predator, captor, lover

3 to 1, the odds were against her.

I’m writing a supernatural, horror, romance <?> I know we’ve all read stories of vampires, ______, and the human all vying for the leads attention (whether male or female) and no, I don’t know the middle character. Well, I know the middle character, I just don’t know what he is or why.

The vampire isn’t normalized. He’s a predator. The lead female interests him so he plays…torments? It’s the why…why her. Something to do with because he can, because others are interested. Because she’s not interested?

But, who is more dangerous…vamp or other. Human male? Nope, not sure it’ll be the human male, we could even end up feeling sorry for him which is something I didn’t expect when I started rough lining who he was…not someone I would normally feel like writing.

There is a deal struck. A daily deal that reminds female MC she lives on the edge of falling. She is prey and can fall. She is in a living cage that can be locked. And with only one of the three does she get to choose…is free to choose, no strings attached, well I guess I could write – except her life/free will. Hmmm, does that mean the human guy is really no better than the other two? Nope, that’s going against the feel of the characters, she is in love with the human, their conflict is how do you stay together with the other two’s demands.

Yup, there’s romance…maybe sex or just sexual energy…but it is dark fiction, too.