Tagline: Dare the nightmares, but do not test, The Keeper.

The idea for this story came with Pieces of Jules, but took a different turn. Instead of fighting a family legacy Cleo, our MC, has to embrace her new role as The Keeper of the Shadows.

Those who live in nightmares, are nightmares, want their stories told. They need humans and each other to be afraid…to feed, to terrorize, to survive, and for their own egos. For eons there have been tales told of the light, of the good, and how it triumphs over evil.

Evil demands its tales told. Good does not always win. Without darkness, lightness would die…something the dark acknowledges, but something light never does.

Not sure if this will stay first person or YA. Maybe short story collections or full length. I don’t want to have Cleo solve or save anyone. That defeats the purpose of letting nightmares have their way…but you never know.