What if you’re the real thing in a long line of charlatans?

Jules Draman had separated herself from her family for the same reasons she searched out the worse of the impossible heritage renos – she knows evil.

This isn’t to say Jules’ family is evil. They’re different, well, their profession is different. Who was it that said there’s a fool born every second? Hey, those same fools would be taken advantage of anyway, so why not from the Draman women?

Jules’ mom tried to change. She would only give good readings. Made a point of closing the spirit door for her fools.

Until the evening when Jules learned evil fed off her family – their souls. With each false reading, each lie, each ripping of another’s hope and dreams, evil was fed. Her mom could not be allowed to change the family’s curse. Could not be allowed to show Jules a new path.

And, like the other saying – Mother Nature abhors a vacuum. Or was it the ying and yang thing? Whichever, Jules’ life did change.

Jules learned of evil. Learned her family’s curse and the eternity those before her suffered; what her mother was suffering. This knowledge broke her bloodline’s deal opening the possibility of redemption.

Evil cannot not enter where it is not invited, but it can wait. It can live with and around those souls it craves.

To these diseased buildings Jules travels, rebuilding, bringing light to darkened corners, cleansing more than stale dead air.

Leaving pieces of herself behind.