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Whether it’s for Fun Fridays or Movie Night there is something magical about classic movies. Due to a wacky week, I nearly missed writing a Friday Fun Blog; however, as I was checking out the TV guide I came across “The Falcon” movies. These starred George Sanders and then Tom Conway.

I’ve never seen “The Falcon” movies, but am enjoying them and wouldn’t mind adding them to my DVD collection.

I love Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy movies, too. THE THIN MAN series is another in my collection of fun classics.

There are days all I want are Don Knotts. Yes, Don Knotts – THE RELUCTANT ASTRONAUT, THE SHAKIEST GUN IN THE WEST and a few others.

Checking my movie database, what can I say, give me Annette and Frankie; Dean Martin’s MATT HELM; ARSENIC AND OLD LACE; Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi. Even Jerry Lewis can hit the spot.

How can I forget Sherlock Holmes – Basil Rathbone?

I’m also a fan of those movies that, sadly, are not politically correct. As a child I loved and believed; as a teen shocked; as an adult I still appreciate the talent, if not the reasons Hollywood and society dictated. Who would make a great Charlie Chan, today? Did you know the comic, Mantan Moreland, who portrayed the taxi driver, Birmingham Brown, was ostracized for this role? Granted society grew up, but to ostracize a man, and others, for working; forgetting their talent…I’ll never understand. We walk forward from the footsteps of those before.

I look at the movies offered today and wonder where the magic went. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I find many movies I must have, but so many are pushed out and rushed and just never deliver.

Guess I’m just a classic movie gal…you?

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Classic Movies”

  1. I like some of the old classics, like Gone with The Wind. I like most all of Alfred Hitchcock's movies.
    Don Knotts had a humour unique to him. Plus he had the face to go with it.
    One actress that probably won't be listed as one of the best is Geraldine Page. I especially like Trip To Bountiful. Great movie, well worth seeing.
    I liked Gary Cooper in Pride of the Yankees..the Lou Gehrig story.

    Nice blog. Enjoyed remembering the oldies.


  2. Give me the old Tarzen movies with the real Tarzen — Johnny Weissmuller. I liked Buster Crabbe but he only did the one. I read — I think — every one of Edgar Rice Burrough's Tarzen books as a kid and whenever a Tarzen movie was on (even today) I would find myself glued to the screen (silver or tv) watching it for the nth time. Carol Burnett might be able to mimic the call, but only Johnny can truly make it magnificent. [sigh] Haven't seen a Tarzen movie in years. [wipes tear] I'm putting that on my Santa list, yes, indeedy.

  3. Lord, I'd better not let my husband read your blog, he'd fall in love at the first mention of the Don Knotts movies. LOL. We have them all I think you listed his two favorites oh wait, can't forget The Ghost of Mr. Chicken.

    We love the classics as well. The African Queen is great. As well as the Universal Monster movies. Oh, my goodness we can't forget Laurel and Hardy, I just love them! We even named our kittens Stan and Ollie.

    We also love the classic televsion shows as well. Andy Griffith (of course), The Twilight Zone, Leave It To Beaver (early June wasn't such a push-over, I love Hugh Beaumont), and the Ozzie and Harriet show is really quite good. Oh, I can't forget the Munsters even my 8 year twins love that show.

    Yikes, I'm writing a blog within a blog. Sorry. Have a great day and I can't wait to read what others mention.

  4. It's hard to miss with just about anything by John Ford (I just completed his cavalry trilogy set with the "Rio Grande" DVD). Bogart has that same quality. Then there's Bing Crosby both as Fr. O'Malley or Bob Hope's foil in a zillion "Road" movies.

    Up in the 60s, there's "The King of Kings," "Ben Hur," and "Lawrence of Arabia." Also the comedies such as Billy Wilder's "1-2-3" and Zero Mostel's "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (a guilty pleasure I admit)."

    That reminds me, I haven't watched the "Father's Little Dividend" DVD yet (accept Tracy only in this series).

  5. Glad to bring movie favourites to your minds today…Love Tarzan, too. Most westerns and Gone With The Wind is one I watch about every 2 years.

    Daughter loves Wizard of Oz, knows which scenes are coming up…think I've shown it too many times, she is only 7 🙂

    So very easy to write another blog here…I never even mentioned the musicals or Monster movies – Godzilla…I have those Universal Monster movie collections, too.

    Ahhh, love'm all

  6. Hi Chris,
    So many good movies & TV classics have been mentioned here. Here are some of my favorites: To Kill A Mockingbird with Gregory Peck, Fiddler On The Roof the one starring Topol. For TV shows what about The Addams Family, Gilligans Island or Petticoat Junction? I guess you have me feeling nostalgic.
    Deb 🙂

  7. I'm a huge classic movie fan. I love movies with Carie Grant and Audrey Hepburn (though I may have spelled them names wrong). I love Charade, To Catch a Thief, and One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing. For the holidays, I watch White Christmas, and it's just about time to dig it out. Have a great weekend.

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