Looking through creative eyes

What makes a creative eye different from other eyes? A writer’s eye is different from a painter’s eye, which are both different from a musician’s eye. We all see the same object, feel the same emotion, but will understand and name it completely different.

Why is this? I don’t really have an answer to give. It’s probably just in how we are internally wired. Which may give us the answer as to why some write romance and some horror. Or an artist who can work in paints, but not in charcoal…or clay and not stone. But, a classically trained musician has been known to play both classical and heavy metal. Are the creative ears more adaptable than the creative eye?

Going back to the painter’s eye, it can differ from a photographer’s eye, too. My father-in-law and I can see the same scene and capture it completely different for different reasons…he, the painter–me, the writer. Hmmm, maybe it’s the creative person behind the eyes?

Below are two photos I have created from one photo I took (please ask before copying or at least acknowledge it was taken by me 😉 The first photo was the full picture, and then I wondered a little closer. I know where my writer’s eye took me…where did your creative eye take you?

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