Writer: What is our writing voice

The pen you write with, the keyboard you strike, or the recording of your voice all bring out our writing voice.

Do they bring it differently? The book “Writing Down the Bones” talks about picking our tools. But it’s also referring to the typewriter, my have times changed. I first wrote this piece on paper with pen. Fast and furious to capture my words and thoughts. In order to bring it to you I do need to type it into the computer, there is where I’ll slow down and edit.

I tend to edit my writing while typing. Boy, does that slow me down, nearly stops me. My fingers get tired and sore, cramped, but I’m getting the writing done…longhand that is, writing my word bones down.

Recorder? I have one but dislike my voice’s sound when not heard through my body. But I have one at the ready – recorder that is. The body, yeah it’s there, the voice? Well, that slows me before I even start.

How about you?


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