ChrisChatTalks Creativity – Why?

I’ve been talking quite a lot about “why” I’ve made the decisions I’ve made. Now that reads difficult even if correct. Why is the question we ask ourselves the most – in my opinion. It answers the question about what we’re doring. The reason behind these decisions. It allows us to think about these choices, not just in what we create but in everything we do. Why smoke. Why that dress over the other one. Why junk food instead of a piece of fruit.

Why is the reason for almost everything we do.

It’s the vital question when creating. As a writer I answer this more than any other question. Mostly, why am I doing this? Why am I putting this frustration on me? Why risk being laughed at, judged? Why – anything.

This simple one word question brings us to our reality, when we let it.

Its answer is because ________. Because it is important ot me. Because I enjoy it. Because it’s who I am. Because I’m a better person I do ________. Because, simply, just because.

It’s the one question asked a writer all the time and one we only really need to answer for ourselves.