Reviewing Now: The Black Stiletto Series by Raymond Benson

 A while back I was given the opportunity to review these books via Net Galley. I was new to the site and did not realize these books would disappear from my eReader before I had the chance to finish them…the downfall of having a TBR pile. However, I have recently purchased these books and am now reading/reviewing as originally promised.

From the author, the full story: Raymond Benson: The Black Stiletto

Author’s other works: Raymond Benson

Book 1: The Black Stiletto’s review can be found here: ChrisChat Reviews Mystery: The Black Stiletto, Book 1
Blurb: The Black Stiletto was a legend in her own time, an underground heroine who made a name for herself during the late Eisenhower years and early Kennedy years as a New York City vigilante. Although she was wanted by the law and would have been arrested had she been caught or had her secret identity been revealed, the Black Stiletto was a competent and successful crime-fighter. A feminist before the term was in everyday vernacular, she battled common crooks, Communist spies, the mafia, and worse–and was responsible for their capture and, in some cases, their deaths. But the Stiletto disappeared midway through the sixties and was never heard from again. Most people thought she had died, and no one ever knew her identity. Like pinup queen Bettie Page, her mythical image resurfaced in comics and other media during the 1980s and 90s. Millions of dollars were made by others exploiting her likeness and persona. Today, the questions remain. Who was she? Is she still alive? If so, where is she now?