General: For the love of writing

When I wrote those words did I mean the love of words or the love of physically writing?

Putting pen or pencil to paper and feeling the flow as letters form across the page. As I start I know at this moment it’s the physical motion of writing. Others may get that meditative release when they run; I feel it when I’m writing. My mind stumbles to find the letters to write as my hand, arm, itch to dance the pen across the paper creating the swirls and lines and feeling the flow of the pen on paper. Pencils create a different dance as ink and carbon hold the paper each in their own manner. A waltz to a two-step.

Sometimes what’s left behind is beautiful large open writings and other times it’s a frenzy of quick tight scribbles. Always the paper crinkles and shows each motion.

Too many beeps, dings, and bells have interrupted this writing. I’m starting to stumble and lose my step. Maybe it’s time to put down the pen and fly across the keyboard. Let its clicks drown out all other noise.