General: Promise or..?

It’s the first day of 2024 and I didn’t get this post written and up before 9:16pm January 1, 2024. I’m actually just typing it now at 9:16pm, January 1, 2024, but it’s been in my mind for over a week.

It started as my promise of writing for 2024, but now I’m wondering if a promise is too much of a statement. A goal? My intention? My aim?  I do like the word intention, but I want something a bit closer to a promise without the guilt if I don’t meet the commitment…I don’t like breaking promises.

My pledged objective?

What exactly am I promising myself? I believe in the strength of showing up, being present, being aware of the decisions I make. I know I need more focus. More dedicated determination. Is this what I’m promising myself…the characters and stories that are rattling around my brain?

Let’s call this my retraining. I’m back in training…back in the race, if not full time it’s not part time and definitely not casual, so I’m what exactly?

It’s back to the simplest wording…I promise to show up. I promise to focus. There’s no rule on how much is reached, just that I’m there reaching.