General: Foolish Writing

There is no such thing.

I could end this blog post right now with that one sentence and frankly, it would be enough, but I think you and I need to read it again.

There is no such thing as foolish writing.

We might not agree with every story written. We might believe there are some real nonsense writings out there and even be right about it.

But, there is no such thing as foolish writing.

Isn’t that what drafts are for? Getting the words down, as they can be edited into sense, order, seriousness later.

Isn’t that what adds the lightness and laughter to any story? Something foolish, silly, absurd.

When I start thinking of my writing as foolish, well, I stop writing. When I stop writing I don’t feel as happy. I feel something is missing. I’m missing.

Foolish writing makes me feel whole.

Not writing foolishness, foolishly, makes me feel useless.