Indulges – Spotlight: Do you know when you’re complaining?

What exactly is complaining? Is it making noise about something? Then it must be negative noise. How much negative noise do we make in one day?

Way more than you think or will acknowledge…without excuses. Can you admit you’re a complainer, even a chronic complainer?

I know it’s difficult for me to admit. To even think on how often I grumble about something or another. Allow myself to fall into the trap of destructive thinking. Yes, these types of thoughts are destructive. They bring our moods down. They cloud our judgement on everything. One off thought and the entire day is pulled into a spiral of blah.

This doesn’t mean we’ll never have a bad day or rough moments or just feel peeved at the world, but it does come down to how we handle those times. We do have control.

We’re in the habit of complaining of “bitching” about every little thing we think doesn’t agree with us. Are we in love with being unhappy? What does this emotion bring us?

Is it just easier to go along with everyone else and complain instead of risking standing apart and looking at the other side, letting the crap moment go by unregistered? What’s so wrong being apart from the crowd?

Have you ever noticed or commented on how each bad thing multiplies? All you ever see is the next bad thing, the next argumentative action. It all rolls into one huge cluster…

Depressed, yet? I’m starting to feel depressed. The whole talk about how complaining brings me down, the physical feeling and emotional. The mental tiredness of it all.

Yeah, one more habit to break.