Indulges – Reflections: Word Power

I’ve made a pledge not to use the word “hate.” There’s a strength to the word that should not be taken lightly. A word we toss around too easily.

Hitler and math are not the same.

Bigotry and broccoli are worlds apart.

“Hate” should never lose its significance. Should never lose its impact on our ears, eyes, and mind.

Words are powerful and this is why they cut into us. Why their mark does not heal like a battered bruise.

We’re losing the art of word usage.

Some words are changing and losing their old meanings, which is fantastic. We’re not locked into their prison of meaning.

Then there are the words that should never be randomly let lose to wander and weaken. Their history and meaning are our living reminders of what should not be allowed, should always be watched, should remain a danger sign, and should always be kept alive.