Editor: Watching you

Last week I talked about a pet peeve and mentioned how your future editor and publisher are watching you. Making decisions before you contact them.

It’s true.

The first piece of advice given any author is research those you are submitting to. Talk to other authors. Check beware sites.

The other side of the industry has learned this as well. Social media and other online sites that are used by everyone are read. Employers use these all the time and we know they ask for references. I’ve yet heard of a publisher or editor asking an author for these.

What would your previous publisher, editor, cover artist say about you? What would your current one?

We talk about real estate being a seller or buyer market, given the vast number of books published, the flood of poorly produced book, publishers and editors want to work with those authors who are bringing the most and best of themselves to the house. Those who are determined to succeed. Determined to work as a team and are realistic to the market they’re entering.

Let’s just forget naming who’s watching…everyone is.