Creativity – Plaster relief – tried it, too

A few weeks ago I gave the brief story of my experience with watercolours. Well, same experience with plaster relief sculpting (is it sculpting?). After I was chastised for not knowing the product medium didn’t take as long to set as the box instructions read, I was once again told – not enough. Should have _____________.
The truth and point here is when our feedback on first attempts are unhelpful, negatively put, non-constructive, we, some of us, walk away from the very outlet we’re trying. One that held promised interest.
I’m angry that I tossed these pieces out years ago. I still see many of my art works in my memories. These stick with me because despite the marked failure(s). I succeeded.
I succeeded because I tried. I succeeded because in the face of judgement, my dreams never let me go.
Keep showing up and you’ll never give up.