Editor: Where…when…is it safe to rant?




Nowhere online.

Hey, tell me that hasn’t crossed your mind?

Immediately I have at least seven different rants come to mind and no I won’t share them. The safest place for me to rant and let off steam – pen and paper journal; the husband, trusted friend.

It’s a royal pain, but just because we can blog our feelings – experiences – doesn’t mean we should.

Look what happened to that park movie – once you do simply because you can, you’ll never know what monster chaos you’ll unleash.

But – the real question is the difference between it being a rant or warning.

And, that requires you taking a step back, removing yourself from the situation and being honest whether or not it’s just you or a herd mentality that are just peeved or something more.

Yeah, sometimes it just sucks keeping quiet.