Children & Teen & YA – Are my characters, me?

Sometimes I wish I was them.

They lead a more exciting life…how many mysteries have you solved in your life? The murders, haunted houses, robberies, spies?

They’re far more assure of themselves. Sure some of them are a little afraid, clumsy, moody, even a little personally unsure. But, there’s always someone to bring them out of that, to let them know they’re okay…accepted. Maybe that’s the biggest reason I like my characters and the characters I’ve read in this genre…there’s no doubts or worries. Okay, maybe more personal danger and such, but inside they’re self-assured, self-confident.

And isn’t that why we read these stories? To escape and to learn that we’re okay as we are? Maybe even pull a few of their traits into ourselves?

Isn’t that also why we’ve written these stories? Adding in a little daydreaming back to what we think of as easier days and times. I won’t say better because I think now is better because of the changes happening and even the technologies, but mostly the changes I see in my own teen’s world. Easier before? Maybe because we didn’t have to think too much of the world outside our front door.

Yes, there are times I want to be my characters, back then, and even now.